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Between Thanksgiving and the new year, people of diverse cultures and faiths celebrate festive traditions, many of which involve gift-giving. 

It is (supposed to be) a happy time of year. But planning and preparing feasts and celebrations can overshadow the joy. Trying to find gifts that will be appreciated often contributes to the pressure. We'd like to help!

Since art is meaningful to so many people, our editors have been working over the past few weeks to curate lists of gift ideas that have art at their heart. We hope this will help you select exactly the "right" gift for the art enthusiasts in your circle. 

No matter who you're shopping for -- from tots to grand-parents, from budding young creatives to accomplished artists -- we've got some great  suggestions for art-related gifts. We think there's something for everyone on these lists. 

All of us at ArtGeek wish you Peace and Joy this Holiday Season!

It's not too late to have the perfect gift in hand in time for Christmas! 

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From coffee mugs to coloring books, from mousepads to switchplates, from pencils and brushes to paints and puzzles ... this list has art-inspired small gift ideas for everyone. These are inexpensive, useful things to remind your loved ones of art and beauty as they go about their daily lives.  


18 titles that will entertain and inform anyone with an interest in art.  Historical fiction and historical fact, novels and biographies ... there's something here for everyone!  

on DVD or Blu-ray

Some of the most popular art-themed films of all time. Biographies including a couple of decades-old classics that hold up still. Some feature actors who today are as famous as the artists they portray. There's a musical. There's a film that was suppressed by the Soviet Union. ...



Art activities help children develop many important life skills, including concentration and attention to detail, problem-solving, follow-through, creative thinking, and hand-eye coordination.

But they don't know that – they just think art is fun!

We know teenagers covet whatever's new in digital devices. And that's cool. But think about rounding out their holiday gift bonanza with a low-tech gift that encourages creativity and a love of art.

What could be better? Gifts that you can feel v. Gucci about giving, that teens will think are totes fleekin ! 


Art of Antiquity through the 18th Century

With so many fantastic art exhibitions at museums across the US, there are so many we'd see if we could!  But we can achieve the next best thing:  bring the exhibition home, with exhibition catalogues.  

These 15 outstanding publications are exquisitely produced, with superb images and text about the art, the artists, and historical context -- from antiquity through the 18th century. 


Art of the 19th Century through Today

Selected from among the many excellent recent art exhibitions, there's something for every taste among these 24 catalogues.

From Impressionism through Modernism; From fashion, landscape & still life painting, photography, Japanese prints and drawing ... to David Hockney's 80th birthday retrospective! 


For art geeks seeking light reading: honest-to-goodness escapism! Each book in the series set at least partially in Rome, featuring a British art-historian-turned-detective. Stumbling into an art-related puzzle, he unravels the mystery in collaboration with the Italian Art Theft Squad.


All of us at ArtGeek wish you Peace and Joy this Holiday Season!

Gift-giving should be a pleasure, not a chore.  

These lists are intended to relieve the pressure to find a "good" gift for the art enthusiasts on your list.

And there you have it ...

art-themed gifts for everyone on your list!


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Return to these lists year-round, to make gift-giving a snap -- for birthdays or no-reason-at-all! 

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